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Hair fall and Hair loss is a very common issue these days and every Second Person is facing this issue. Beauty Magnify 90% More if the hair looks attractive and the First attraction in a person is Hair. Hair fall Problem is increasing day by day in our new generation in a very early age people are getting bald.
Keeping these things in mind we prepared a oil earlier and we have given it to 50 people at the same time and the results were only 50% improvement. Then we researched further and we found that the oil’s roll is only 50% and 50% roll of healthy nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids and after this we gaveoil and the tablets together to 50 people. And this time we got the shocking results, 90% results were there and this is how we started.
AYURVEDUM PROFESSIONAL And we decided to deliver this product to your doorstep and experience the magic of Ayurvedum professional. Thank you


• The most authentic treatment - Our formula is tried and tested in scientific research for the Past 10 years.
• Best value for the buck – all are products combined can be bought for almost 50% lesser than individual market price. Looking good is now more affordable.
• Ease of use - our product can be ordered from the couch and not only that using them is literally as simple as eating a chocolate.

Congratulation! You found the solution to your big hair problems. Ayurvedum professional hair pro kit-
A proven combination of hair fall control regrowth, antidandruff, thickness of hair, straighten hair, hair shining, hair conditioning


There are several benefits of ayurvedum professional hair pro kit
• Promotes hair growth
• Improves volume, thickness, shine.
• Hair fall control formula
• Provides follicles nutrients
• Promotes hair regrowth
• Strong root

How to use

• Take a maximum amount of hair pro oil and apply only on scalp
• Gently massage for 2 minutes
• Tie your hair but do not comb after oiling
• Leave overnight and next morning use mild diluted shampoo.
• Use thrice in a week.

What you get-

100 ml oil (Hair pro), vitamins and minerals hair pro tables ( 30 vegetarian tables)

Recommends –

at least use 3 months for best results

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